Antique Czech Garnet Brooch, Bohemian Glass

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This beautiful antique Czech glass garnet brooch is just stunning. Featuring a large center dark stone surrounded by two rows of smaller stones all facet cut and prong set in closed backs with the exception of the center stone which is an open set. The back is marked Czechoslovakia in a small oval at the center of the bar set clasp. Finished in a gold wash and shaped in the form of an eye. This wonderful bit of history shows minor wear and is in excellent condition for its age.

Czechoslovakia was a country from 1918-1938 and again from 1945-1992. This brooch hails from the first iteration of the country dating it to approximately the late 1920s to mid-1930s. Jewelry made in this time period using faceted glass is known as Bohemian Glass as the region was the center of production.

Item Dimensions:

1 1/2" x 1"
Rollover clasp

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