Bejeweled Gold-tone Vintage Pillbox

1 3/8" | Metal | Goldtone
This vintage 1950s pillbox is adorned with a beautiful flourish in gold-tone metal featuring green and pink rhinestones on top. The inside is divided into two compartments by a diagonal formed insert. IT has a bit of an illustrious background as it retains its original price sticker from the Happy House Gift Shop at McHenry Village Shopping Center in Modesto, CA. McHenry Village is where American Graffiti was filmed. It opened in 1953. Sadly Happy House is no longer there but there is a photo of it on the McHenry Village website. Even without its fun history, this is a great little pillbox.

Item Dimensions:

1 3/8"x 1 3/8"x1/2"
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